Her One Night Stand (Part 10, page 2 of 8)

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Part 10

It was a full day ahead for Myra and she missed her lunch. At 6 PM she decided to have a cup of green tea since coffee and normal tea nauseated her.

Gaurav entered her cabin bringing along another cup of tea and some muffins. They were discussing a campaign for Singhania Groups new product. Myra was seated while Gaurav was sitting very close, literally bending towards her when Ritwik entered.

Ritwik burnt with jealousy seeing the two sitting close to each other. “My dear Gaurav be careful you are sitting to close to my fiancée. I hope you know that I am very possessive for my things.”

“Ritwik we were just discussing the campaign for your products.It is not the first time that we are sitting together. Are you jealous?”

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