Her One Night Stand (Part 3, page 5 of 13)

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Part 3

Jiya was dressed in a beautiful red sari and everyone seemed to approve of Sagar’s choice of bride except for his step mom. Sagar looked dashing in a black tuxedo. However it was Ritwiks’s masculinity in another black tuxedo which stole Myra’s heart.

Ritwik was looking very handsome. It seemed as the black tuxedo was meant for his tall and lean body. It fit to him like second skin.The entire Singhania clan seemed to be in awe of him.

All the page three celebrities, many famous bollywood personalities and politicians had been invited to the reception. One bollywood actress the upcoming superstar Saira Khan seemed to be quite besotted with him.

Ritwiks’s eyes were searching for Myra. He had been unable to focus on work lately. She seemed to occupy all his thoughts. At night he had been taking a cold shower to overcome his sexual frustration because he was hungry for Myra. He wanted her and he wanted her badly. He had to have her at all costs.

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