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Part 1

Myra rechecked the pregnancy kit which showed two pink lines. Her worst fears were confirmed. She was pregnant.

How could this have happened? She knew the answer of course but the major problem was that she was unmarried. This would create a major scandal in their family especially after Jiya’s scandal six months back.

Myra Mehra was Vice President Marketing in “SN Advertising” Gurgaon. She belonged to Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. Jaisalmer was a small town where everyone knew everyone.

Hence news of her pregnancy would harm her family’s reputation for ever. Her parents were old school and sex before marriage was considered taboo. Brides were supposed to be virgins on their wedding night.

She had a meeting at 5PM with a prospective client so instead of thinking over her problem she gathered her wits and started working on the presentation.

Mr Khanna her prospective client were launching some low calories products for the fitness conscious. These products were being launched under one brand “ LOWCAL”. They ranged from cereals to biscuits to low fat ghee and many other items.

Myra believed that since these products were to be used at home so a family scenario for the television add would be the best. Mr Khanna liked her presentation and assured her that their company would decide to hire “S N Advertising” for all their campaigns.

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