Her One Night Stand (Part 9, page 2 of 6)

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Part 9

The moment she said this her cellphone rang. Gaurav calling her in the morning. There was definitely something fishy going around her.

“Hi, Gaurav. What you are giving me the day off? That,s not necessary I can finish my work and then spend some time with Ritwik. Oh, well ok fine I will come tomorrow.”

“ Ritwik what did you say to Gaurav”

Ritwik smiled cunningly,”Gaurav is an old friend. I just mentioned that I needed to spend some time with my fiancée and he totally agreed with me. I also informed him that for the next two years all of Singhania products would be marketed through his agency. He seemed to be quite pleased and offered to give you two assistants to lessen your work load and one month holiday for our marriage and honeymoon starting this Friday. Now go get ready , we are leaving in fifteen minutes.”

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