Her One Night Stand (Part 7, page 5 of 5)

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Part 7

"Myra this is neither the time nor the place to discuss this serious matter. You go home. I will meet you there at 7PM in the evening and then we will discuss the situation."

"What is there to discuss. I will let you in my child's life and do not expect any financial assistance. There is nothing more to discuss."

"Myra just keep quiet. I will meet you in the evening. Should my driver drop you home?"

"I am driving my car and going straight to my office right now. Thanks for your time Mr Singhania"saying this Myra left his office. Though she had not expected much still she was dissappointed with Ritwik's behavior. He atleast should have listened to her properly before bossing her around.Still he trusted her so she felt something positive come out of this meeting.

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