Her One Night Stand (Part 7, page 1 of 3)

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Part 7

The past few weeks had gone by in a rush.With the help of the real estate broker Myra had rented a new flat in a respectable neighbourhood. Her mother had arrived to help her settle in . Luckily she had gone back after a week so she had no reasons to know of Myra,s condition.

Myra had started going to the Gymaecologist regularly and taking her medicines properly. At present she was trying to balance her work life with her condition.There was no doubt in her mind that she would keep the baby and not abort it.

Since it was the initial few months she was not showing. But for how long?

The next and most difficult decision of Myra's .life was to tell Ritwik of this pregnancy or not. How would he react?. She knew that the truth would come out because they were connected by family. Jiya had gone for a two month honeymoon to the Carribean but would be back by the end of the next week.

Myra was preparing herself to speak to Ritwik before Jiya's arrival. She schduled an appointment for Friday to meet Ritwik.

Ritwik Singhania had missed Myra. She was special and the night with her had been fantastic but she was also family and he had to be careful about this conection.She wanted to meet him so maybe it was a good sign that she wanted to renew their aquaintance.

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