Her One Night Stand (Part 4, page 2 of 6)

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Part 4

The bathroom was light blue marble with a huge jacuzzi and all sorts of toiletries. she took a quick shower and used the bathgown. she heard a knock on the door and a young girl of twenty or so entered carrying a tray with tea and biscuits.

"Hello,madam I am Rajni, the cook,s daughter.I have brought tea for you. "

"Where is you sir? Has he gone to office yet?"

"No, madam he is downstairs in his study. He says he will join you for breakfast in an hour. till then you have your tea and relax."

Myra had her tea but her next problem were clothes. how was she to meet Ritwik in a gown?

Half an hour later Rajni returned with a packet,"Madam, sir sent you this. please join him for breakfast in fifteen minutes."

Myra opened the packet to find a cotton sundress just the right size for her. it was a simple but elegant designer off shoulder dress which was well suited to her curvy shape.

Rajni took her to the breakfast room which was on the ground floor.

Breakfast was being served in the breakfast room which was on the ground floor. A table had been laid for two people and Ritwik was sitting on one of the chairs.

"Good morning Myra, I hope you slept well"

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