Her One Night Stand (Part 4, page 1 of 6)

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Part 4

Next day Myra woke up late in the morning. It was a Saturday and she had a weekly off today.She woke up in strange surroundings and then the incidents of the night before came back including the incident with Jatin and also how wantonly she had behaved with Ritwik the night before.

But she was surprised with Ritwik's behaviour. The entire evening he had been giving subtle hints that he desired her but when she offered herself he backed off.He had also taken good care of her because Jatin's behaviuor had shaken her up. she was used to people hitting on her since she worked in a glamorous field of marketing but no one had dared to directly propose to her to sleep with them to get a promotion. Such behavior saddened her and the way Jatin had assaulted her left her shaking even now.

It was 10 o/clock way behind her normal waking up time. A bathing gown had bleen placed next to her bedside. She was wearing a men's shirt and her partygown was nowhere to be seen.

The guest room in which she had slept had a purely masculine appearance. the furnishing was dark mahagony with dark blue curtains ,a kuge kingsize bed and a large 42 inches LED adorned the wall. In addition to this there was a matching wardrobe with a chest of drawers. The entire room was painted in pure white. Ther were no paintings or flowers ot cushions to give the room a feminine touch.

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