Her One Night Stand (Part 2, page 5 of 9)

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Part 2

The engagement party was perfect as usual. Whatever Myra did was perfect. She never faltered. She had learned at a very young age that in order to be successful one had to be perfect in whatever they did.

Sagar had introduced the two of them.

“Bhai this is my Sister- In –law Myra. She works in SN Advertising as Vice President marketing and Myra this is my elder brother, my idol Ritwik Singhania, the CEO of Singhania Empire “

“Nice to meet you Myra, you are very beautiful and this must be an asset to you in your line of work.”

“Mr Ritwik all women don’t use their beauty for their work . I would much prefer that women be known for their brains not their bodies. Excuse me I have to look at the arrangements.”

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