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Part 2

Ritwik Singhania was the CEO of Singhania Group of companies. He was thirty two years of age. He was more than 6 feet tall , with a dark complexion and had a magnetic aura around him ,so no one was capableof contradicting him or speaking against him.

He was a millionare many times over not because he was the Ceo Of Singhania group but also because of his personal wealth. He was a software Engineer who had developed an anti hacking software that he had sold to the Indian Government for Crores of Rupees.

His good looks and his money were a main attraction for women who fell at his feet but he believed in loving them and leaving them.He knew that he could never genuinely love any one and now since his younger step brother had married so there was no pressure on him to produce a heir.

There was no love lost between him and his stepmother but he did love his younger step brother ,Sagar. Sagar on the other hand idolized his elder brother and loved him in return.

Ritwik was happy for his younger step brother Sagar who had married around two months back. His sister-in-lay Jiya Mehra was a sweet girl. He called her girl because she was just twenty years old. Initially he had been reluctant on the match but gradually he had realized that jiya was a nice girl who loved his brother dearly and was not after the Singhania wealth.

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