Her One Night Stand (Part 8, page 1 of 7)

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Part 8

Myra was nervous. The entire day she had been engrossed in her work so she did not have much time to think about her situation but now that she was at home her mind was playing tricks with her. She was imagining all sorts of things. She had prepared a simple dinner of Rajma Chawal (red beans and rice) with a mixed fruit Raita.

It was eight o clock but Ritwik had not come. Maybe he would not come since he was a confirmed bachelor and a baby would not come in his scheme of things but she was wrong.

Ritwik knew he was late. It was nine o clock but his meeting with the investors had taken longer than usual. He had expected the meeting to be over by seven but one or two of the investors had needed major convincing so it had taken longer.

He was nervous as hell because he was not sure how to deal with this situation but he was sure that he wanted this baby. Infact it had only been a few hours but he was feeling affectionate to this new entry in his life.

“Myra I am sorry I am late but I got delayed at work.”

“You don’t have to apologise I know you have a major corporation to run and you are very busy. I don’t think this meeting was required anyway. I told you before and I repeat again we don’t want anything from you both me and my baby. I can look after my child on my own. We don’t need any financial support. However you are welcome to visit the baby. I will never hide from him his father’s identity and he or she is free to be with you whenever desired.”

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