Her One Night Stand (Part 5, page 5 of 7)

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Part 5

Jatin was bleeding profusely. He left.

Myra was in poor shape. First he searched her cupboards and found a fresh t shirt for her to wear. He gently removed her nighty and made her wear a fresh pair of slacks with the t shirt. He closed all the lights, asked for her keys, locked her house and took her home in his car.

He took her to the guestroom and gave her some brandy and asked her to sleep.

He was furiuos. He could have killed Jatin on the spot ..He poured himself a glass of whisky. He kept thanking his stars that he had forgotten his mobile at her place. When he tried to call her using his other number she had not replied even after repeated calls. He felt something was wrong and he rushed back. When he saw her door slightly ajar he entered,that is when he heard her scream. When he saw the scene in the kitchen he felt like murdering Jatin.

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