Her One Night Stand (Part 6, page 3 of 7)

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Part 6

"Well that can be easily rectified." He lowered his mouth and kissed her slowly on her lips.He kissed her gently but when she started to respond he started kissing her passionately.

He was fully aroused and he knew she was aroused as well.

He could see her desire in her eyes.slowly he pushed her tshirt up and groaned on seeing her perfect breasts. They were just the right size and fit into his hands.He kissed them and she squirmed.

It was as if her body was on fire. She had never felt like this before.

He removed her clothes and then his own and made passionate love to her.

Her body wanted fulfillment so she encouraged him further.He entered her slowly but since she was a virgin it hurt a little. On realising this he stopped but she arched towards him and encouraged him to go on.He lost control and both of them climaxed together.

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