Her One Night Stand (Part 6, page 1 of 4)

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Part 6

Next morning Myra woke up early.she was surprised to see Ritwik sleeping with her on the same bed. She recalled having slept restlessly last night and then having a nightmare of the incident, She also remembered screaming in the middle of the night.

Ritwik might have the image of a womaniser and a ruthless businessman but she was seeing a new side of him.Last night he had been very kind and understanding.

Ritwik seemed to be in a deep sleep.She touched his face where a lock of hair was falling on his forehead.Even in sleep he was sinfully gorgeous.she smiled when she realised that the two of them had slept in the same bed without even touching each other.

Ritwik was awake but seemed to be enjoying her attention so pretended to be asleep.When she smiled she looked even more beautiful. He wanted to kiss her passionately and then take her to bed.

When she touched his forehead he could not control himself any longer. He pulled her towards him and asked the reason of her smile.

"May I know what,s so funny about me? Have I developed horns lately?"

"No, nothing Ritwik.

"That sunshine smile was not nothing. Tell me Myra whats so funny?"

"If you insist. I was just thinking that if someone was to know that you slept with a girl in the same bed and didnt even touch her, your reputation would be in ruined."

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