Her Irresistable Boss (Part 4, page 5 of 15)

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Part 4

After that Raima was in no mood to dance so she asked Vihaan to drop her home.

Around 11:30 pm her doorbell rang. She opened the door and was shocked to find a half drunk Dev at her doorstep,”What are you doing here in the middle of the night?”

Dev replied,

“ I was checking on you if you had arrived safely at home since I know what a rogue Vihaan is”

“ Who is a rogue you or him arriving at midnight to my place knowing I stay alone?”

“Hey. I just came to check on you plus your house was on the way to mine so I decided to stop by.”

“Can I have a cup of coffee since I have a bad headache?” Raima let Dev inside her house. She lived in a two bedroom apartment with a living cum dining area and a small kitchen. Suddenly she felt as if the entire room had become small due to Dev’s presence. He was looking dashing in a black formal suit emphasising his tall and lean body. This awareness of him forced her to sit on the sofa opposite to his.

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