Her Irresistable Boss (Part 11, page 5 of 8)

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Part 11

Raima agreed since how could she refuse this man?

She dressed in black jeggings with a deep red long sleeveless top. She also carried a long dress since they were to have a dinner party also.

Raima met Raghav who was a school friend of Dev. His wife Monica was very nice. She was a warm and beautiful person. Raima liked her instantly.

“Dev who is she?She is quite a beauty. You are a lucky man. From where do you find these gems? If I would not have been married I would be seriously tempted.”

“Raghav you are married man. Should I speak to Monica? Laughed Dev.

But Raima was a serious temptation . She was slowly crossing all barriers he had created and touching his heart.

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