Her Irresistable Boss (Part 3, page 3 of 14)

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Part 3

The guests were to be flown by various airlines to Bangkok and put up at three five star hotels there There were to be three functions the wedding reception, The mehndi and ladies sangeet for ladies and boys night out for men. After the wedding a grand reception was to take place at Holiday inn.

The grooms family were equally rich and they wanted the best arrangements right from limousine pickups to charter planes for some guests.

Mr Khanna was a quiet reticent man but Mrs Khanna was a true society woman. She was a page 3 society woman who wanted everything to be perfect.

Today they had come to finalize the guest list and the various places the guests were coming from. In addition to all the guest arrangements had to be made for all the celebrity guests and performers who would be flying first class .

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