Helter Skelter (Part 9, page 3 of 8)

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Part 9

‘I want to see what happened,’ Natty said finally. ‘I can’t stand the thought of not knowing what’s going on, with those things maybe still rampaging around.’

‘We’ve still got the high explosives,’ Karen seconded. ‘Plus, yeah, I want to see if those things are really dead.’

‘Curiosity killed the cat,’ Jimmy muttered, but added, ‘What the hell. I like fighting a lot better than I like running.’

‘Jeeze,’ Marten muttered, rubbing at his nose. ‘Smells like fireworks mixed with rotten eggs.’

The place the building had been was now a gaping crater from which issued an acrid, greenish smoke. The interior hissed and crackled as though it were indeed a gaping maw from which fireworks had issued.

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