Helter Skelter (Part 9, page 1 of 8)

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Part 9


‘What the fuck was that?’ Jimmy demanded, levering himself to his feet and dusting himself off. ‘If that had been a nuke, we all be dead.’

‘What do you care?’ the nearest soldier said, sitting up and looking for his helmet. ‘It did the job, didn’t it? Plus you’re all still here, in one piece.’

‘That was not some kind of conventional explosive!’ Jimmy persisted. ‘What the hell was that?’

‘What makes you think it wasn’t some kind of conventional explosive,’ Marten said, digging grit out of his eyes, nose, and ears.

‘Conventional explosives don’t have a reach of nearly ten miles,’ Jimmy said. ‘The biggest non-nuclear blast ever recorded only had a range of about a half-mile. This- ’ he nodded towards the pyrocumulous cloud towering high above them- ‘is just fucking impossible.’ He turned his attention back to the soldiers. ‘This wasn’t some sort of conventional explosion, and it sure as hell wasn’t some type of nuke. So what did your fly-boys drop on those things?’

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