Helter Skelter (Part 7, page 3 of 38)

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Part 7

Suddenly, a glass sphere, some four feet across, standing on a raised base so that it stood at eye level, came to life. Inside, looking directly at them, was a hologram of the dead man. His virtual body was naked, his appearance ethereal. As the three stared, the hologram spoke.

‘I was beginning to wonder if you would ever find me.’

‘Dr Evans?’ Karen said.

‘That is a matter of some debate,’ the figure said. ‘At the moment, I’m not entirely certain as to what I am. You see, this is an entirely new frontier in science. As you can see, I’m not exactly Dr Evans . . . at least, not any more. And if I’m some sort of A. I., otherwise known as “artificial intelligence”, then I’m not exactly what we were expecting.’

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