Helter Skelter (Part 7, page 1 of 38)

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Part 7


As professor Fraser led them into the lab, they were astounded to find it filled from floor to ceiling with electronic equipment of every description, all of it running. Despite the fact that there were fans and air-conditioners everywhere and a steady breeze coming from all directions, the series of rooms was stifling.

‘Feels like the air’s full of static electricity,’ Karen commented. ‘Like just before a major electrical storm.’

‘What’s that stink?’ Marten said, plugging his nose. ‘Smells like something died in here.’

‘Ugh,’ Karen echoed, catching a whiff. ‘The least they could do is use some deodorizer.’

Zack peered through the gloom, trying to see ahead. The electronics were piled from floor to ceiling, and as they progressed, blocked out the overhead lighting. At last he spied someone sitting in a chair ahead of them. ‘Hello? Dr Evans?’

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