Helter Skelter (Part 6, page 3 of 38)

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Part 6

‘Hi,’ the man said. ‘You’ll find granddad in the study, waiting for you.’ He had a rifle in the crook of his arm which he stood up in a corner by the door.

Zack, Karen and Marten looked at one another. No introductions? Maybe the guy was just habitually rude.

They found Fraser in the ground-floor study, reading. He looked to be well into his eighties, with scraggly grey hair and watery eyes. He was wearing clothes that, as Zack had described, looked very old, very old-fashioned, and expensive.

‘Zack,’ the old man said quizzically, rising to his feet and shaking hands, ‘no, I don’t really remember you after all. But I do remember the class, and some of your classmates. Not exactly a lot of standouts that year. So,’ he said, reseating himself, ‘what would you like to know about the experiment.’

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