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Part 2


Zack loved the city. It was vibrant, exciting, connected, everything suburban life was not. All his teenage years he had loathed the endless strip malls, the endless rows of houses that all looked alike. The stores were all the same, as were the churches, the gas stations, even all the crap you could buy.

The city was different. There were things you could find in the city that you never saw in suburbia. People dared to dress differently, to act and think differently, even to eat and drink differently. Hell, even the drugs and the crime were different.

He loved the pungent smell of the polluted air, the fact that the seasons themselves were shoved to the periphery of one’s awareness, the crush of people who didn’t get along, whose worlds continually collided and showed up one another’s qualities and weaknesses, their genuine niceness and their underlying frailty and futility. City cruelty and insensitivity made him laugh on the outside, even while he cringed and died a little on the inside.

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