Hands of The Father (Part 1, page 2 of 75)

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Part 1

“Now ye stay put boy ‘til I tell ye different.” He glowered at the child. “Hear me?”

“Yes, Papa,” Globe said, his eyes beginning to trickle.

Taylor brought the willow switch down across his son's back to make sure he understood. The boy cried out. He reached a small hand around to his back and was rewarded with a throbbing red stripe across his fingers. Two more delivered to his shoulders and Globe sat still.

Taking aim, Taylor whipped the young woman on her bare thighs. She began to heave and buck, giving the child the ride of his life. Five minutes later, Taylor stopped. The gag in her mouth was coming loose. He reached down and yanked it out. Wracked with pain, she sobbed uncontrollably. She choked out the words almost incoherently. “I'm sorry. I didn't know. The boy is so lonely. I thought─”

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