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Part 2

Phoenix remembered the days and nights he had spent looking at the lake and swimming in the lake. He remembered the scent of the pine trees surrounding it, and the sounds of the birds that flew around it, neither of which greeted him this time.

He shrugged it off as lost feelings of nostalgia, grabbed the key out of his pocket, and for the first time in four years, entered his family's summer house.

The smell of firewood remains in the fireplace hit his nose, a smell he recognized instantly. Everything was still in its place and in the same cozy condition… the fireplace made of stone bricks that stood between two shelves in the wall of the living room, two lounge chairs of brown and beige, a big, brown leather couch that circled the entire living room area, and the big picture windows letting in light to the living room from which he could see the entire lake.

Bailey was close behind him. "This is a nice place, Phoenix."

"Thanks. I suppose I should give you the grand tour."

"Why don't you show me to our room first so I can set my stuff down," she said, with a wink.


Bailey followed Phoenix up a flight of stairs and into the master bedroom.

"This is the master," Phoenix said, opening the door.

He turned on a switch and two lamps came on. The Victorian bed had a large headboard carved out of lumber, the blankets had feather patterns with a plaid hem, and the walls were of polished hardwood. A chest matching the dark color of the headboard rested at the foot of the bed. Only a small window peeking out from the slant of the roof provided a view of the lake as well as a view of one of the houses on the other side.

"You and I have to move here for good!" Bailey exclaimed.

"I thought you said you didn't ever want to be tied to one man again."

"For paradise, I could be persuaded."

Phoenix reached up to the ceiling and pulled down a flight of steps. "What would a cabin be without an upstairs bedroom?" Phoenix said.

"Cool. I just might leave you alone in the master bedroom to hide away up here all alone," Bailey threatened.

"Go on up while I put my stuff away."

Bailey clunked up the dusty stairs to warn any possible ghosts of her arrival, leaving Phoenix alone.

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