Gruesome Discovery At The Manor (Part 1, page 1 of 6)

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Part 1

For Mitchell and Kim Anderson recieving the call to renovate the inside of the Astor's very first manor in itself was a privileged accomplishment. Kim wasn't sure how the Astor family had heard about them but was going to ask. The appointment was set up for the next day at one in the afternoon. The rest of the day both of the Andersons gathered up every little things to inspect the manor with and acted like a surgeon and nurse in the OR, tape measure, level, high beam flashlight, sketchpad,pencil, and Kim's laptop with a home interior layout software installed in it was handed to her father by Kim and placed in the van. then they left for dinner with Mr. Jonathan B..Astor the only heir left in the Astor family still worth over a billion dollars

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