GARDEN OF MYSTERY (Part 1, page 1 of 1)


Part 1

Life of ease isn’t a printed text for Wayne Birdman, a man with different ethics in his biography. Wayne never ran back of riches, adorable lifestyle, necessities of success, emotional trauma. He was a man of one rule and that’s hunting, hunting of what??

Wayne wasn’t a man of hunting all his life. He was living in a beautiful mansion with a magnificent garden all around his mansion, a garden filled with fragrance of roses. Wayne was an excellent gardener. He used to maintain his lovely garden all his life until the dark day splashed his history.

Wayne’s bitter experience ruined his joyous journey to an encircled globe of misery. He lived his moments galloping the pain of sorrow. He never had a good neighbourhood because of his silence.

Alice Stone his next-door neighbour knew nothing about Wayne, though she’s minute away. Alice a florist, she would be a great friend for Wayne Birdman, if at all he was at her attic celebrating his fun days.

Wayne never had friends after the dark days started in his life. In his era of happy moments, all his passion of love was his beautiful daughter, who was his world of fascinating section of his part of life.

Bridgette Birdman was as prettier than a glowing sky light. Her blue eyes, golden long hair, elongated eye lashes, glowing skin. Wayne always thanked god for his beautiful daughter. He viewed his daughter as a precious gift. Wayne lost his wife after their daughter’s birth.


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