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Part 1

​Feeling her eyes on him, he squirmed and opened one eye. "Breakfast?" he asked.

​"Sure," says Suzie. "Let's go to IHOP. I've got a coupon."

​Breakfast was subdued and that was nice. Suzie's heart was still pounding from the events of the night before. She needed downtime. Lots of it. Her roving gaze picked up 3 rowdy kids at a nearby table. She smiled as she remembered her own childhood.

​Ian caught her gaze and smiled knowingly. He reached over and patted her stomach and said, "It won't be long now."

​Her swollen belly was pressing into the tabletop already. She was 5 months along, really heavy at 120 lbs. And getting really impatient for the little one to sleep in its own bed. She shifted uncomfortably at the thought of having more than just this one child. Ian still talked non-stop about having at least 3.

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