For My Parents (Part 1, page 1 of 1)


Part 1

Ever since my parents were killed, my sister, Janice has been suffering from anxiety and stage 2 Bone Cancer. So I only have one goal, to find my parents' wretched killer and kill him myself. "Mom! Dad! No please don't leave me..." I said with mascara running down my face from the tears. It was their funeral... Janice tried to hold back her tears but just couldn't...

After the Funeral...

A group of people came up to me, with narrowed eyebrows. "Miss Clarke?" one of them said, pausing. "Yes?" I said wiping the tears from my face. " I am very sorry for your loss but I came to tell you that since your parents died, more than 5 billion was deposited in your bank account by a mysterious man and 10 million inherited by your parents." one of them said very vaguely. " WHAT HOW? SO THAT MEANS I HAVE 15 TRILLION IN MY BANK ACCOUNT!?" I screamed, then fainted.


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