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Part 1

He was walking along the river quite slowly. It is a snowy December night and the moon seems to be shining an unsightly red. Eyre is a young man of 14 years. Ever since he was born he has been told that he would never survive to be 8 years old, yet here he was on his 15th birthday.

He walked onto bridge and stared at the stars. His lower lip was bleeding from a trip, and the sent of his own blood made him dizzy, but if he wiped it off it would only go on his hand, then he would be able to see it and he was afraid of that.

As he was standing on the bridge and watching the sky, as small yet delicate snowflakes started falling to the earth, an idea occurred to him. Throughout his childhood, his heart has been very weak yet because his parents homeschooled him and kept him inside all the time, he was never able to feel what it was like to be able to run, to be able to have your hair pushed back by the wind or to make any friends. But… what if he could create a device to do this for him?

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