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Part 3

Female voice sounds hello, hello Mike.

Mike comes back to his conscience, answers the call.

Hi Oli, Olivia Baxton is Mike's childhood mate.

Olivia answers,,,,,,,,,,,

Hi Mike, what happened, why this silence ??????

Oh no Oli, Mike's voice stammers, hmmm, haaaa, yeah tell me.

Mike how are you ? Iam good, it's a wonderful surprise.

How are you Oli? How's life in Sweden? Howz everyone ? How's little Tom ( pet dog ) ?

Mike I would like to meet you, when can I meet you ?

Mike is surprised and excited, Oli your in Sweden , how will you meet me ??? He laughs loudly . Oh I'am in Johannesburg regarding an important work, thought I could meet you personally.

Alright Oli, you can meet on Wednesday at half past ten, phone disconnects.

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