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Part 5

She walks out and glares at the greenery besides her attic, and mesmerizes her thoughts of love in romantic dance.

After sometime, she enters the kitchen and starts preparing coffee with some cookies.

She arranges it on the dining table and invites her family for coffee. Richard, Daisy, Robert gather on the table to sip the coffee.

Ella looks around but she misses someone. Later she enquires her father about her mother.

Richard sips the coffee and informs Ella that her mother is still on the bed. Ella feels sad for her mother and walks towards the bedroom and meets her mother.

She looks at her mother and watches her asleep, Ella finds something wrong, she touches her mother. Mother does not answer her.

Ella awakens her mother again but she does not answer. She runs towards her father to report about her mother.

Richard after hearing to Ella’s information, everyone run towards the bedroom.

Richard walks towards his wife Sarah and calls out her name. No answer from Sarah.

Richard gets worried and looks at his children. Robert panics and immediately runs towards nearby clinic and informs the doctor about his mother’s condition.

Doc Philip Luther agrees to pay the visit. Robert brings Philip home to investigate the condition of his mother. Philip visits the residence and checks Sarah Patterson.

He informs Richard, Sarah is in coma and it’s difficult to inform further condition of her health. Robert, Daisy and Ella are in tears.

Doc Philip says, Sarah needs to be monitored and her health is deteriorating and she needs intense medical help. Richard mourns along with children and looks at Sarah. Ella informs her father to get her mother admitted in the hospital.

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