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Part 8

Ella hugs her father and weeps bitterly, looking at her siblings she sighs and holds their hands and weeps. All four of them mourn over Sarah’s death. Sunday morning, everyone in the family plan to visit Sarah’s graveyard.

Ella decides to wear blue skirt and white top, father calls for Ella and requests her to wear red and golden mixed gown. Ella smiles at her father and informs about the visit of her mum’s graveyard. Richard grins at Ella and informs her about the formal party which they will be attending in the evening.

Ella is surprised and looks at her father intently and lifts her eyebrow and shoulder to know more about the occasion, but Richard gets worried about his daughter’s decision and remains quiet and asks his daughter Ella to get ready for the occasion.

Ella, thinks for a minute and walks towards her cot and takes the gown and gets ready for the occasion. Later Ella’s siblings to, get ready for the occasion. Richard informs his arrival to his friend Robert Ralph.

Robert starts arranging the décor for the evening gathering for both the families.

Robert phones Richard and informs him about the meet. Richard is excited about the arrangements. Robert meets Simeon Fisher and informs him about the proposal. Simeon congratulates Robert for the needful help.

He calls on his manager and arranges a luxurious gift for Robert. Robert is happy and explains about Richard’s family condition and about his daughter Ella

Simeon calls his chauffer to drive his guests from their residence. Evening five, black BMW arrives at Richard’s residence.

Ella looks at the car and mesmerizes and feels happy for the drive and informs her father about the car which has arrived. Richard and his children get into the car and arrive at Simeon Fischer castle.

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