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Part 6

Richard is worried about his wife’s sickness; he mourns sitting in a corner of the window next to his wife’s bed.

Richard glances at his wife, who was so loving to him and a humble woman in his life.

He’s distressed about his wife’s health. Ella prepares some coffee and brings in to her father’s resting place.

Richard weeps silently. Ella offers cup of coffee to her father and he looks at his daughter and hugs her and weeps.

Richard address to Ella, “My sweet darling, I miss your mother who was strong pillar to me”. Ella consoles her dad. Doc Philip Luther arrives home to have a routine checkup. He examines Sarah and informs Richard that his wife’s condition is worsening, she needs intense care at the hospital.

Richard enquires about the hospital admission fees and the amount to be spent on his wife’s examination and medical care.

He’s sad and starts thinking about his wife’s medication.

Richard gets a phone call from his friend Robert Ralph, who’s his childhood buddy. He informs him about Simeon Fisher, the richest landlord of the town, his ancestors were known as most prominent king’s courtyard officials.

He has a proposal for his marriage, he needs someone who doesn’t come from a rich background and he needs a life partner who listens to him and completely adores him. Richard reflects for a minute and plans something meaningful for his daughter Ella to be Simeon’s bride.

He looks for an opportunity to put forth to his daughter, a plea of his humble and desperate request.

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