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Part 3

Ella was ten years old, Daisy was five years old and Robert was one-year-old.

Because of poverty, Richard could not afford for his children’s further education.

Ella started helping her parents from infancy. She was beautiful as shining moon and loving as a shepherdess.

Richard thanked god for his loving children as a great gift. Though there weren’t enough money his happiness was secured within his family.

As years travelled along with various seasons.

Richards children grew to be older enough. Ella was the most beautiful woman among the town.

Every people and nearby neighbor, used to compliment her beauty to her parents.

Richard and Sarah felt joyful and satisfied for their daughter and they hugged their children and sing aloud with joyful cry.

Though they did not dine the delicious supper, they were sufficed with little what they ate as a loving family.

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