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Part 7

Ella is watering the plants at the garden outside their house.

Ella looks at the bloomed marigold and kneels before the flower and thinks about her mother because marigold was her mother’s favorite among the flower’s.

she recollects the mesmerizing memories of her mum and dad and rest of the family spent the night outing at the garden and singing and dancing.

Ella mourns and sighs.

Richard thinks for a moment before he could address Ella about the proposal. As he’s thinking,

Richard receives a phone call from hospital that his wife is serious. Richard and his children rush to hospital.

As they enter Sarah’s room, doc Philip hold Richard’s hands and he informs Sarah is no more. Ella stands still and rest of them rush towards Sarah’s bed.

Richard and other two children weep bitterly;

Ella hasn’t come out from the shock. Richard looks at Ella and he calls out for her, but Ella standing mum.

Robert runs towards Ella and shakes her and brings her towards the mothers bed.

All the four mourn and bury Sarah, at nearby graveyard. After the burial service,

Richard and his children visit the nearby church. Richard holds Ella’s hand and he weeps and informs her responsibility about the family burden and pleads her to decide about her future and her sibling’s life to. Ella glances at her father and hugs him dearly and weeps.

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