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Part 9

Maya now asked him, “But what?”

“Maya I don’t want you to make a scene here. So we can discuss later I think.”

“Oh. Don’t worry dad. Whatever you say I will smile and hear them. So you can continue.”

Varun thought to himself,” Oh God! She is full of sarcasm now. I just hope my mom didn’t say anything wrong.”

Adithya continued, “They were asking me whether you know to sing and cook. Seems from there speech like they are more orthodox and conservative type. Aishwerya see how her face is changing that is why I told we can discuss later.”

Maya changed her reaction to smile and replied,” Papa, Please inform them that I am interested to marry a guy who is looking for some maid also someone to sing for him to sleep. Mumma, Now I don’t want to see that imprudent guy picture right. Can I delete it? Thank god! I have not wasted my data by downloading some moron photos.”

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