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Part 8

Varun was confused as what to decide about Maya. He decided to go to Kapaleswarar temple next day and sit in silence so that he can get some clarity before deciding and feel asleep.

Next day had been a bright sunny day. Adithya went to wake up Maya,” Wake up, Get ready and come out Maya.”

“Papa, it’s Sunday and can’t you see that the sun is burning outside. Let’s go in the evening please.”

Adithya also thought that it would be fair to go in evening so he went to inform Aishwerya. Shiva and Aishwerya also agreed to him.

By evening 5.30pm everyone got ready. Adithya had dressed up in white dhoti and blue-white checked t-shirt while Aishwerya wore a red saree. They saw Maya trying to figure out a dress to wear so Aishwerya went to her and said,” Maya, we are going to temple so choose some salwar to wear.”

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