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Part 7

Maya saw the bike which was parked in front of hers. She looked around to find if someone was available. None were there and so she informed, “Janani, Just wait here. Let me move this bike aside.”

Janani asked her,” Do you want me to help?”

Maya saw her and gestured her to stand there itself. Varun saw her from few meters away that she was walking towards his bike. He was able to figure out the situation. He increased his pace and while walking he made the win-win signal in air but when he saw what she was doing his paced slowed down and he saw her with his mouth wide open.

Maya was moving his bike aside. She was lifting the bike at least half an inch from the surface and placed it to the side. Varun had a Yamaha FZ bike and it must approximately weigh 132kgs. He just rubbed his eyes to make sure what he was seeing.

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