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Part 6

Varun still kept his ears on their discussion. Ram and his girlfriend signaled him bye and left. He also gestured them back and started to eat his dessert.

Janani answered Maya,” Well settled in the sense. The guy who had saved some money. A own home and blah blah… just like that.”

Maya nodded her head and Preethi asked her, “What are you thinking? Just speak out.”

Maya replied,” What if he loses all this one day? Won’t you love or marry him after that? Come on guys, one cannot get settled in his life till his death. If he has settled down then why should he earn again? Don’t say that he is saving for his children so that they can be at ease and enjoy life. Even his child when grown up will take up his well-established company and earn for his future generation and it goes on and on. So who the hell is enjoying life at ease in this case?”

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