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Part 5

Varun’s mom, Vasuki shared the picture to him in WhatsApp and went to prepare lunch.

Vasuki was in her near sixties used to dress herself up with saree, plait her hair and keep flowers on them. She is married to Padmanabhan who was six years elder to her. Padmanabhan was working as a Vice President in DLF. Padmanabhan’s mom, Visalatchi was living with them. They are from a conservative Brahmin family.

Varun reached Express Avenue parked his bike and went inside the mall. He saw the message his mom had sent and opened it to see the picture. He clicked on download while pressing the 3rd floor button on the lift.

He reached the 3rd floor and saw that the picture was still downloading so he locked his phone and walked towards the Rajdhani Thali restaurant.

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