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Part 3

“Okay. Come on then. Let’s get inside. Do you people need to buy any snacks?”

“Yes. I need butter popcorn and Janani what you prefer?”

“Popcorn and let’s get nachos as Maya likes it.” They all saw each other and smiled.

Maya stood in the queue to buy the snacks. There were many boys standing behind her. She saw them and ignored. Preeti and Janani stood afar from her and waited for her. They guys saw all the girls there and was commenting about them. Maya was quite for a while as they passed descent comments as she thought that it was guys’ nature. She has many guys as friends and they also check out girls and pass comments even when she is around with them. So ignored their comments got her tray and all three headed inside the theatre. It was the introduction of Prabhas so everyone in the theatre clapped and whistled. When Anushka introduction happened all three girls shouted and Maya whistled out loudly. Next to Maya there was a family sitting they saw her behavior but just ignored it. Maya then sat back and she was able to see that a lady who must be in near sixties was sitting next to her so she allowed her to use the armrest. Maya sat in her place and she put her legs upon her other leg. The lady who sat next to her saw her sitting posture and commented to the lady next to her as,” Just see the way that girl is sitting. This generation girls are full of attitude.”

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