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Part 3

Adithya came out and saw that she had left. He saw Aishwerya and said,”Do you have Rs.100 with you?”

“She took it with her and I don’t have any” saying this both left inside.

Maya was on her way to theatre. She was able to feel the cool air on her face. She slowed down her speed and enjoyed the climate. She reached the theatre and saw her friends waiting for her. She was able to see Preeti and Janani waiting for her. They are her friend’s right from her school days. They have cherished a long and wonderful friendship and these people know her very well.

Preeti was the shortest girl among her friends as she was only 5 feet and had a round face, long hair and she was neither dark nor fair in complexion. She is an innocent and sweet by nature. She always considers Maya as her best friend and whatever happens in her life like sorrow or happiness she will always share that with Maya. She had dressed herself up in green salwar kameez and white leggings.

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