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Part 2

After 10 minutes the alarm rang again but this time she was able to hear her most familiar adorable voice. “Maya, The whole world would have been awake by now and just look at you. How can someone keep the alarm for 9.30 am in morning? Wake up now.”

Maya tossed in her bed and replied, “Papa, Five more minutes please.”

“Better wake up now as I am not coming back again to wake you up.”

“No need papa. I have snoozed the alarm and it will wake me up.”

“Let me see that” saying that Maya’s dad, Adithya left her bedroom. Adithya, Maya’s dad who is in his mid-fifties, he had a pepper and salt hair style, mostly dressed in white dhoti and always applies the three parallel horizontal lines on his forehead. He is 5’5” tall and looked young of his age.

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