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Part 2

Chennai had never been so hot in summer season neither experienced rain on the mid of May month. But today it was a gloomy day and it is so cool during this summer season. The whole of Mylapore had woke up on Saturday morning at 5am hearing the suprabatham mantra but right now the time is half past nine when the alarm rang. Maya was able to hear her phone’s alarm so she moved her soft hands towards the mobile and snoozed it for 10 more minutes and slept.

Maya was in her mid-twenties and she is from an orthodox Brahmin family. Her parents was seeking an alliance for her but Maya doesn’t want to marry so soon. She is working in one of the top most IT company as a Software Engineer. She is well paid but she wants to settle down in her life on her own without being dependent on her life partner. She has informed her parents about her views. They do understand her but as a parent they want to see her progress in life. So they all somehow convinced her that they start seeking for alliance as it may take at least two years to find a perfect match. Maya tried her best to postpone their groom hunt but at last she gave up when she saw her dad being fed up and so the groom hunt is under progress.

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