DOWNTOWN GIRL (Part 4, page 1 of 2)

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Part 4

Chandrakala pulls Nripatunga’s hand and runs towards the water falls nearby home.

Both laugh loudly and cry out each other’s name and the friendship tag of their fun moments.

Both breathe heavily because of running around.

Chandrakala looks at the beauty around and sings melodiously. The Song goes this way::::::::

Greenery fills the ground with sweet touch!

Culinary fills the fragrance taste to the couch!

Adversary fills the love rush to the munch !

A single touch of the leaf brings back the gone away love in my heart!

My heart leaps with decorative hug and kisses of these bloomed flowers!

Branches dance with me like my man holding and turning me around !

Rocks of joy slips my emotions to a great height of watery deep!

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