DOWNTOWN GIRL (Part 2, page 1 of 3)

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Part 2

Chandrakala Virappa, a beautiful lady aged 20, risen with good features, where in if an artist looks at her, his fingers would be craving to draw her picture as a stunning art.

Such a beauty she was.

Chandrakala’s features were dumbstruck.

Beautiful decorative eyes like a deer with soft feathery eye lids with long curled.

Dark brown eyes which is always shining like a moon.

Face like an emerald glowing even when the day is filled with dark cloud.

Her lips like a red rose petal, soft like silk.

Her long hair which was thick and black until her thighs which was dancing like a peacock.

Chandrakala is from Coorg. Kodagu a traditional name stands for its many diversities.

Kodagu is an administrative district in Karnataka.

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