60 Days Submission (Part 5, page 2 of 19)

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Part 5

My thoughts so wrapped around my environment, that I didn't hear him return. But I felt his presence as he enfolded his arms around me like a warm blanket.

"Say your goodbyes Adela, we are heading out."

What? Now?

It was impossible to hide my fear. Even though the layers of clothing between us, minus my underwear of course. His biceps felt like stone against my buttocks, his stomach a slab of muscle. He really must work out a lot.

I removed my phone, two missed calls from Jamie. I hit the speed dial and wait for her to answer.

"You would never believe what just happen." she says, skipping all formalities. "Trey just proposed to me."

"Oh my god. Really? That's just so awesome. When? How?"

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