60 Days Submission (Part 4, page 5 of 17)

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Part 4

"Thanks for coming to my brother's art show. Do you see anything you like?"

"Only one piece." his hands moving lower, tracing the outline of the V just above my buttocks.

My skin turning a delightful pink, taking a huge gulp of my drink, finishing it off.

"Which piece?" Richard asked, craning his neck. His keen eyes darting around the room. The crowd shifting blocking his view. Darryl's hand dipped inside my gown, tracing the outline of my thong.

I dropped my glass, thankfully it was empty. Even more grateful when Trey scoop it off the floor, handing me a fresh glass.

He came in the nick of time. Like an angel with wings. I needed the alcohol to loosen the knots Darryl was forming in my stomach.

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