60 Days Submission (Part 4, page 4 of 17)

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Part 4

Although I could do with putting on a few pounds, my eyes scanning the alcohol fueled crowd looking for Jamie and Trey.

His eyes crinkled with his smile, taking two plates. He was about to open his mouth and say something, which I am sure is of a sexual nature, but I didn't get to learn what he had to say as Jamie's parents approached us.

"Adela" her face lighting up from across the room when she saw me and my date. "That dress is stunning."

This old thing, I had worn it at least three times.

"Thanks" air kissing her cheek.

She looked gorgeous in her red, diamond studded gown. Her ears, throat and wrist dripping with wealth. I took a sip of champagne as her husband shook hands with Darryl.

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